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Poultry businesses and poultry industry specialists have known that the Lohmann bird is the best in the business. Here at Archerís Poultry Farm, we are proud of the chickens we provide to Ontario Poultry farmers. We are proud to be a family business since 1946 specializing in Layer Poultry. Our goal, is to provide Ontarioís Layer Farms, with the best producing layer bird. But we donít want to stop with just the bird. We work hard staying up to date with the latest poultry news and information on feed, environment, health and production, so we can help layer farms produce more each year.

Our site is here for you; in addition to finding poultry industry news, you can our newsletters, investigate the Lohmann bird, and become familiar with the other poultry farm products we carry.

If you have any question you can contact us via email, phone and fax, all information is located in the Contact Us Tab.

We want to thank you for visiting Archerís Poultry Farm, and are looking forward to helping you.

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